Chairman : John Bellamy

Secretary: Keth Mahoney

The Pound,Bromham, chippenham,Wiltshire SN15 2HF


  1. The Competetion will take place annually  
  2. Competitors will be restricted to blacksmiths taking part in
    competitions at shows who, having shown evidence of high standards
    in exhibitons and competitions, are autorised by the committee to
    hold qualified.

    North Somerset          Devon County                  Royal Bath & West
    Three Counties           Royal Highland                 Royal Cornwall
    Royal Welsh               New Forest & Hampshire    Edenbridge & Oxted
    The Devon County      The South of England
  3. Shows taking part in qualifying heats must select at least one Judge
    from the current list of accredited Judges issued by the worshipful
    company of blacksmiths.
    That Judges will act as the final arbiter of the winners of the qualifing
    heatsfor both awards.
    It is recommended that, as far as practicable,show administrators
    should invite Judge to take part in competition if he/she as Judged or
    is committed to Judge at a competition for artistic blacksmiths at any
    othershow(s) which participates in National BlacksmithCompetition in
    the same year.
  4. The markingsystem and cards issued bythe NBCC in conjunction
    with The worshipful Company of Blacksmiths must be used by all
    Judges when assessing competition entries.
  5. Points determining The National Champion Blacksmith will be awarded
    at each of The Authorised shows as follows:
    Winner of the show competition............. 10 points
    Runner up of the show competition........ 4 points
  6. Competitors may enter more than one piece at a show but all entries
    must be Judged and marked individually.Marks for several entries
    cannot be avereged or aggregated.
  7. The blacksmith resident in the UK gaining most points throughout the
    year at the static competition will be declared
    "Champion Blacksmith of the Year". There is no restriction on the
    natioallity of competitiors for the live forging competition.
  8. Competitiors may enter pieces for more than one show and it is not
    necessary for the same piece to be entered for each show, but entries
    must not have won an NBCC award in previous year.
    In the event of a tie,after all the qualifying shows have taked place,
    the Blacksmith gaining the highest number of first prizes at the
    approved Show will be declared the winner.
  9. The Blacksmith of the Year will be awarded a challenge trophy, which
    he will hold for one year,WCB will make equal payments to both Static and Live competition champions and equal payments and Live runner ups"
  10. The Champion Blacksmithof the Year will be officially presented at the
    awards lunch of The Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths.The trophy
    for the Blacksmith of the Year must be returned to the Clerk of The
    Worshipful Company of Blacksmiths 1st of October of the year
    following the one in which the award were made the same rule apply
    to the hot forging competitions.
  11. Organisers of the authorised shows must return the official forms
    provided by the NBCC giving the name and addresses of the winner
    as soon as possible after the show to: The secretary of the NBCC

    Keith Mahoney 
    The Pound
    Wiltshire SN15 2HF

    Photographs of the winning piece and the piece made by the
    runner-up should be sent to the secretary of the NBCC with
    the forms.



Show Organisers


David Mortimer

Merv Allen F.W.C.B



NEXT SHOW  8.9.10th june At The South of England Showground,Ardingly


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