2015 Competition Schedule of Classes

NBCC      National Champion Awards
              Judge :Peter Parkinson FWCB


Group A  National Champion Competition


Class 1   1st  Kevin Boys                

              Champion And Best of The Show

              (Archer ) 


              2nd Rumuna Pichard
Reserve Champion

              (Fire Screen)

             3rd Malcome Shephard

             (Candel Holder)



Class 2. National Live Champion Competition

            Judge: Merv Allan FWCB


             1st   Richard Jones



             2nd  David Mortimer

             Reserve Champion



            2hrs- Forge a hanging candelabra for three candeles

            It must be able to be height adjustable from a celling hook

            and candles must be prevented from dripping wax below

            No spikes are allowed to support the candles

            and the candelabra should be as decorative as possible

            stiker permitted no cleaning up time allowed.

            Materials to be supplied by competitor in straight bar stock

            and sheet only. No per-formed work to be included.



              Not part of the NBCC

Group B. South of England Blacksmiths Competition


Class 3.  College Students (under 21)

             Categories : Static Traditional static Contemporary





Class 4.  WCB Metalwork Award

             For Young Craftsman of the year

             1st Sam Churnbley    (Age 19 Plumpton College)


Class 5. Peter Begent Award Live Forging

            1st  David Mortimer


            1 hr- Forge a set of cutlery: a knife, fork and a spoon

            They should be as decorative and as good a finish as possible

            While being functional.

            Materials to be supplied by the competitor in straight bar stock

            and sheet only. No per-formed work to be included.


Class 6. Camelia Botnar Foundation Cup:

            Static exhibits by Camelia Botnar Students

            1st   Jack Curts

            2nd  Frazer Holwood

            2rd   Dan Drumand



Show Organisers


David Mortimer

Merv Allen F.W.C.B



NEXT SHOW  8.9.10th june At The South of England Showground,Ardingly


Worshipful company of Blacksmiths

F H Brundle

Hobbledown Ltd


CPL Distribution

IS&G Steel Stockholders

Greystone Forge


Colleges :Attending The Show


Chichester College


Brinsbury College


Plumpton College


Foundatation: Attending The Show


Camelia Botnar Foundation


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